jeudi, février 23, 2017

Posted by fig78 On jeudi, février 23, 2017
Dear all,

I got recently the chance to go for 2 days painting class with Roman Lappat at his Massive Voodoo studio.

The place :
A very unique location.. old army barracks, that has been installed as artist only studios.. musicians, painters, performers etc.. very old building, entirely dedicated to arts..
The Massive voodoo team made a nice work even on the entrance, full of pictures, ideas, fun stuff.... creating the life of the studio... I was immediately inside the ambiance.

Cosy place inside, sofa for discussion and painting place well arranged...and music !! epic Roman !!!

The Goal :
The aim of my private coaching was the learn the method to paint bust within specific ambiance.. Roman, to me, is probably one of the few specialist of this in europe...

He has prepared some exercise for me... because the surprise was that I will paint only with primary colors !!

I was a bit afraid of this I should admit.. but after some exercises, finding back commercial colors using only 3 primary colors, drawing on papers, makes me a bit more confident..

After then few hours playing with colors to earn confidence, we had a long discussion about ambiance, based on pictures, books, art... to try to figure out the choice for my bust... Jon Snow from Nuts planet.

And here is the kind of choice !!
I wanted a dark, night environment, with also a bright blueish light... like if he was on the iced wall...

I will not describe here all the methods, but it was for me a real discovering, full of doubt sometimes...
"Hen !! Roman !!! Are you sure I should do this??"

Some progress pictures : thanks roman for the pictures

You can see that everything is modified by the wanted environment.. what impact on the ambiance on this bust.. Even if I doubt initially, I was blasted by the results.. We painted 10AM-11PM first day, and 9AM-6PM the second... and what a result for me in so short time !!

Roman is helping you to find your way, but not doing it for yourself... hopefully I was trusting him very much, thus I was taken on-board in his colorful experience... did not regret at all !!

I think this experience will help me in future...
- better understanding of colors and ambiance
- training myself using a bit less pre made pot, but more primary colors
- painting bust, as this was my second bust .... and first at this scale !!

Thanks again Roman, this was awesome, and I can only push all of you to try this coaching !!

mercredi, février 15, 2017

Posted by Johann On mercredi, février 15, 2017

Challenge Elrond

Troisième partie du challenge : le socle.
Third part of the challenge : the base.

Le matériel / material
  • un élément bois issu de jouet de construction pour enfant / wood element from building toys.
  • un socle GW / GW base.
  • morceau de plaque de liège / plate of cork.
  • morceaux d'ardoise / pieces of slate.
  • flocage / sandmix
  • terre séchée / dried earth.
  • un crane GW / GW skull
Avant peinture / Before painting

Après peinture / After painting

Avec Elrond / With Elrond

Si petit / So tiny

Défi très difficile / Very hard challenge

Première étape / First step
Deuxième étape / Second step

jeudi, février 09, 2017

Posted by Frédéric Raoul On jeudi, février 09, 2017
Challenge Elrond

Hop hop vous croyiez que j'allais prendre du retard?? Ha non moi aussi j'ai mon Elrond!

Hey guys you think I will be late! Never! I want my own Elrond!

Pour celui-ci j'essaye de texturer un max! Il me reste les bottes et les points de lumières, puis le socle!

For this one, textuuuuuure! Then boots, light points and basework!

Posted by fig78 On jeudi, février 09, 2017

Challenge Elrond

Hi all!
I am moving along my path for our challenge on Elrond...

Salut !
Je progresse sur notre défi sur Elrond...

Already almost finished. I choose a greenish tones for gold armor...using coal black p3 favorite...
Really some issue with sculpture that forced me to cheat a bit with the eyes for example..
Small "osl" from the jewel ...

A peu près fini. J'ai choisi une teinte verdâtre sur l'armure dorée..avec du coal black favorite..
Vraiment quelques soucis avec la sculpture qui m'a forcé à tricher un peu sur les yeux par exemple...
Petit "osl" sur le bijou.

mercredi, février 08, 2017

Posted by Johann On mercredi, février 08, 2017

Challenge Elrond

Suite du challenge... un gros de "booste" cette semaine.
News of the challenge...a big progress this week.

L'armure / The armor

Désolé pour les photos surexposées. Promis, je ferais mieux la prochaine fois.
Sorry for the overexposed pictures. For sure, I would do better the next time.

Travail précédent
Previous work

vendredi, février 03, 2017

Posted by Johann On vendredi, février 03, 2017

Challenge Elrond

La guerre pour le Mordor n'est pas fini. Elle continue ici et maintenant !
War for the Mordor is not over. It is going here and now!

Première étape : la peau / First step: the skin

Visage / Face

Détail : l'anneau Vilya / the ring Vilya