mardi, juillet 05, 2016

Posted by Johann On mardi, juillet 05, 2016

Rhino - Imperial Fist - Demonstration.

Only pictures - Seulement des photos...

Ceci va compléter le début ma troupe d'Imperial Fist :

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  1. The NMM (non metallic metal) you use is very simple, yet effective! What is your recipe? Can you maybe do an article on it?

    1. Simplicity is the best... not everytime, but here, yes!
      So, I painted metallic parts with a German Grey (P995) with brush, I used Wolf Grey (72.747) with my airbrush, I added a wash of Mahogany Brown (P846) and I did the edge with Wolf Grey (72.747 brush) and that is it.
      .German Grey P995: Prince August (Vallejo Model Color 995)
      .Wolf Grey 72.747: Vallejo Games Air (Vallejo Game color 047)
      .Mohagany Brown P846: Prince August (Vallejo Model Color 846)

    2. Thanks Johann, thank you for explaining. I really like the simplicity of your NMM and I will try it for sure! It looks very nice and cartoony, great for gaming models and cartoony/chibi models :)

    3. You're welcome. I will be happy to see your own results.