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Hi all,

For this time, I thought better to write this review in english, due to the fact the brand reviewed here is not french speaking.

It's about miniature from Fernando Ruiz Miniature : Spirit of Adventure

the box art painted by Fernando Ruiz
First of all a little story. We met Fernando ruiz at the AFM contest last week end. Was a great pleasure to discuss with him, and that leads to a nice proposal.
He gave us some miniature from his brand, and let us do what we want with them.

From left to right : Jonathan alias Khaine, Fernando Ruiz, and myself.. Johann alias KIK taking the picture.

Therefore, let's start with an open the box !

I would say that packaging is excellent... simple, smart... but sufficient for a mini at this price I guess.
Other brand like Origen shares the same idea.

A little "clik" while opening the box and I can find the mini itself.

Body in one part, plus arms to be fixed.

The principle of such "open the box" is mainly made to give our advice on the quality, and resin preparation....

I would say that I have rarely seen such quality. What really fits with my lazyness ;)... is the absence of real mold line...

While we often found mold line on the legs side, arms, hands etc... and sometimes even faces ! Here,  nothing.. don't know exactly how they produce it, but really good job.

I can found some resin debris but only on one recess in the cloth, just below the bag ... I know .. even difficult to see.

Maybe few minutes to correct some details on the hair, but this is more residual casting product I guess.

but what a face !!! I know that our friend Fred can't wait to paint this face ! stay tuned, before Summer we may have a version painted ;)

Overall, here is my conclusion :

Sculpture: Jonatán Monerris
Painting box art: Fernando Ruiz
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