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Posted by Jonathan Gonthier On vendredi, avril 24, 2015
Hi all,
This is a real pleasure to  show you this time, a miniature that I wanted to have since a while.
This is the Random encounter, sculpted by Jonatàn MONNERIS and painted by Fernandos Ruiz, from the brand "FeR"

Catch me here !!!

Let's start

1. Packaging

The mini is sold in a plastic box, relatively strong. I was not used to see such packaging in the past, but since the 2015 AFM contest, we could see those quite a lot.

No foam inside, but the content is well maintained by the little ziplock bag. No fancy stuff here, only effectiveness. I suppose also this is a nice deal to keep the price low.

2. The content

Once opened, we found the main body part, and one hand/sword separately. A little bit twisted, we overall it looks pretty aligned.

3. Casting quality:

Is it my personal chance karma? Since my first review, I only found awesome casting. Almost no mold lines, only thin ones on the leg part, and lower clothes. Every details are preserved, no need to use sanding paper. A knife scratching would do the job, as lines are really thin and easy to remove. Please note anyway, that a little bubble is found on the extreme end of the arm, and must be filled with Milliput.

On the picture below, you may see how the lines are small, and injection points easy to remove.

4. Conclusion:

The cast I got in hand was really well made. I would allow 15 minutes to complete the preparation (max 20 if you are really slow). For the reasonable price of 20 euros, we got a nice product, with an indeniable charm (ok this is subjective but still ;) )

Just few word for the painting class teachers. You can use this one with your eyes closed ! We got here a very nice mix of various materials and textures (skin, tissue, leather, metallics, transparent vial..). I still would say this is a "high end" miniature, prestigious for a painting class. that may increase indeed the global price, with its 20 euros fro the mini. However i am sure people may want to achieve this one for contest !
This dwarf deserves it !

By the way, while I am writing those lines, two well known painters have already chosen this mini for painting class... coincidence ??
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