mardi, octobre 27, 2015

Posted by Johann On mardi, octobre 27, 2015
L'univers d'Eden continue de nous étonner et dans ce monde post-apocalyptique, un JDR nait.

"It is the middle of the 23rd Century. 130 years ago, war swept away the last vestiges of civilization. Mankind almost disappeared. Only a few traumatized people bearing physical and psychological stigmata are still roaming among the ruins. Gangs and bands of warriors clash for the remains of a dying world, for a few water drops, or just for the pleasure of killing.  
Some travel through ash deserts or acid swamps, and withstand weird coloured storms in the hope for a better world. This place is Eden. A heavenly name for a heavenly place. But for who? The survivors? The predators? Or maybe you...  
The stage is set: Stygmata, a dark and violent world where might is often right. Here, people don't fight for economic or political reasons, but for survival. The characters you are about to play belong to the great factions fighting for the pieces of a ruined universe. They are driven by ideals of their time: organize, defend, destroy, change, or even provoke, chaos.  
Your characters, bearing different stigmata, must cooperate in order to survive and make progress towards a common goal. In this world, your differences are your strength.
The choice is simple: you can either die by the road side, or integrate this gang of questionable morality."

C'est donc avec cet avant gout que Happy Games Factory nous propose un Kickstarter : Stygmata.

Le système de jeu... pas beaucoup de détail encore... système D10 (spécifique), un nombre de dés, un seuil de réussite... des attributs... bref un JDR. A priori, les joueurs EDEN devraient s'y retrouver.

Le projet est sur les railles comme vous pouvez le voir ci-dessous.

Les sculptures des figurines sont presque terminées, avec les résines pre-production... ça donne envie !

Et comme chez Chestnut Ink, on aime bien, nous allons prochainement avoir l'honneur de recevoir une exclusivité... bientôt sur Chestnut Ink.

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